Just like you,

We are builders.

We are fit obsessors.

We hate inventory.

We want to eliminate overproduction - 30% that goes straight to landfill - and pioneer a new framework for buyer/supplier relationships enabled by real-time, digital collaboration and demand-driven production. We are champions for the best factory partners in the world. And we know the pain that comes with sourcing, product development and operations. We're here to help.

Meet Sydney, the founder.

Sydney has been in your shoes. Merchant, designer, business owner, finance manager, operations manager. She's done it all - from her years at the big brands and retailers, to her startup days building her own DTC brands. Featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Forbes, Sydney knows a thing or two about the fashion supply chain and what needs fixing. A few things you should know about Sydney and the team: she knows how to roll up sleeves, she has a really high quality bar, and she hates inefficient processes.